I buy a lot of meat and I never buy it from a supermarket and it's always from a butchers shop.

Not because I'm some sort of do gooder who wants to 'support the local butcher' as some sort of charity case. 

It's because in many cases (stupidly not all) the meat is miles better. Like a Maserati is better than a Fiat 500 (I have nothing against Fiats by the way my mate's got one and he's an ex swimmer so he looks like Mr Incredible in it).

(Any butcher who is trying to compete with the supermarkets by offering cheap meat is bonkers/going to shut the doors very soon but that's for another day).

So why is it when I have spent over £250 with 3 different butchers in the last week does none of them have my personal email address? 

They have no power to get me to come back to their shops - ever.
But they could have (for no money - or very little)

This is the first part of today's email to our group of innovative food businesses where I show the importance of being able to communicate with your customers even when they aren't in front of you.

Dedicated to growing profits

Tom Gee


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