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Elpress' industrial washing systems clean load carriers, crates, pallets or boxes. This means dealing efficiently with costs and the environment; our systems are thrifty with water, energy and cleaning agents, without making concessions to the cleaning itself. Moreover, our installations are user-friendly and ergonomically responsible. The Elpress washing systems are of proven quality. Thinking ahead is in our DNA. Thinking ahead, but with proven principles.

Service is our keyword. As you prepare to make your purchase, we and our resellers provide you with the right advice . This enables you to make a correct and balanced decision. After the purchase, we are keen on establishing a mutual cooperation. For maintenance and/or repairs, our daily operating mobile service vans carry the right equipment and knowledge aboard. This will enable you to enjoy the benefits of your investment for many years to come. A complete package of solutions therefore, with a strong focus on you as our customer.

Elpress is an ambitious organisation, and we can justifiably say we have a passion for hygiene!

The Elpress EKW1500 tray washer is capable of washing upto 170 crates or trays per hour. The tray washer is built to a high level of quality out of stainless steel, stands on adjustable feet and runs of a 3ph electric supply. The crate washers cleaning tunnel is accessible via an upwards folding door. The transport of the trays or crate inside the tray washer is done by means of synthetic drive chain. The maximum size of crate or tray that can be used in the Elpress crate washers is 600x400x300mm (WxDxH).
The tray washer comes complete with 'one man operation' which means it only takes one person to use the machine, freeing up other employees from having to help run the machine. This works very simply by loading the dirty trays on top of the tray washer which then pass over the machine and down and into the tray washers cleaning chamber. The tray washer then cleans the tray or crate by use of the large number of synthetic click nozzles. The trays or crates are cleaned in the tray washer and dirt removed with the hot water being provided by a powerful and energy efficint pump. Fats and bacterial contaminants are removed using hot water (50-65'C) in combination wirh detergent.The dosing pump for detergent manages the amount of detergent used by the tray washer. The main wash tank in the tray washer is filled using its own filling connection and has level sensors included. In the rinse zone of the tray washer the crates are rinsed with fresh cold or hot water, or with use of the optional dosing pump for rinse aid, as mixture of water and rinsing agent. The aim of the rinse zone is to effectively remove the detergent used. Elpress' tray washers are designed in such a way as to enable optimal re-use of the rinse water containing chemical residue.
The use of rinse aid in the tray washer means that the trays dry quicker than without it, and also prevents the water droplet stains you can sometimes get on the trays when not using it. If no trays are in the tray washer athen the fresh water rinse supply remains closed. The cleaning and rinse nozzles in the tray washer are easily adjustable to make it a more individual washing experience and to give you the very best in cleaning solution for your product. 
Elpress' tray washers are environmentally friendly and extremely efficient saving you money. Water and energy in the tray washers are used sparingly without any detrimental effects on the cleaning itself. The tray washers recirculate washing water, an intellignet water management water system makes sure you dont waste a drop. The tray washer has insulated outer walls to prevent any heat loss.
If you decide to buy an Elpress tray washer then you wont be disapointed with your decision. 
  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 2382x1300x1700mm
  • Max Capacity 170 per hour
  • Max Tray Width 600mm
  • Tray Height 120-410mm
  • Water Tank Capacity 180 litre
  • Pump Size 3kW
  • Electrical heating 12kW (standard)

Machine comes complete with one man operation and dosage pump for detergent, some additional options are listed below for an extra cost. Please call our sales team for more information.

  • Dosage pump for rinse aid
  • Input and output tables

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