Cibamat appreciates there are many suppliers of food processing equipment to choose from. Here are just 7 reasons to put us on your shortlist:

  1. We provide the option of new or refurbished machines. This makes it much easier to find the right solution even if you’re on a tighter budget. 
  2. All our refurbished equipment has been thoroughly tested and serviced by our dedicated team. 
  3. Cibamat has equipment for all kinds of food processing, including knife sharpening, juicing, mincing, mixing, dicing and much more. You name it, it’s likely we have a machine that can do it!
  4. We not only supply the finest quality equipment but are ideal for spare parts and servicing. Cibamat also has sundries like clothing, packaging and lubricants to help you run your catering or hospitality business efficiently. 
  5. Our company only provides industry leading food processing machinery, equipment, machine parts and sundries. A well-connected business, we have relationships with over 100 manufacturers and their associated agents.
  6. We always listen closely to our customers and work hard to fulfil your specific requirements. That includes tracking down the ideal machine for your business. Whether you’re struggling to find the ideal mincer-grinder or pasta making machine, our team can do the hard work on your behalf.
  7. Cibamat is not contracted to any brand or manufacturer so will always give you the most impartial advice.