Biro Manufacturing

The Biro Manufacturing Company are a family firm headquartered on the banks of Lake Eerie in Marblehead, USA. The firm celebrates its 100-year anniversary in 2021 having pioneered the first ever bandsaw in 1921. Currently led by Dick Biro we enjoy an excellent relationship with the firm and their commitment to hard working, reliable machinery.

La Felsinea

Not far behind Biro with their origins dating back to 1933 La Felsinea provide a huge range of food processing and catering equipment. Based near Padua in Italy they moved into their modern factory in 2002 and they are committed to constant innovation to meet the demands of the modern customer.


German engineering enjoys a fantastic reputation globally and Edertal are no different having been producing machinery from their Central German location since 1945. Their innovative range of machinery is perfect for small batch production including innovative solutions such as a manual dicer.


Another family firm with a long history of machine production the Ramon family in Spain have been in business since 1957 supplying a range of food processors, vacuum packers and tray sealers. Under the guidance of Marc and Anna Ramon now run the company from their modern base near Barcelona.


Our knife sharpening partners are based in Italy and have been making their internationally patented machines since 1988. They are based in the Lombardy region of northern Italy and are dedicated to creating the best sharpening machines on the market.


Established in 1991 in the Rioja region of Northern Spain the company initially produced juicing machines they now have a wide range of machines including decarbonisers, glass frosters, polishers and oil filters.


Our food forming partners Gesame have been operating from their base near Barcelona in Spain since 1965.  They specialise in producing food formers that create a product that is as close to handmade as possible.

K Mont

Józef Pryszmant invented his manual schnitzel press in 1984 however it was not until 2005 that he secured the patent for his unique model for flattening meat without the need to hammer or for expensive machinery.