If you need to invest in a large planetary mixer, Cibamat can help you find the ideal machine for your business.

As their name suggests, planetary mixtures have an agitator that moves the bowl around like a planet. They’re available as both small countertop versions and larger flooring standing models which are ideal for those who need to mix large amounts. 

Planetary mixtures are some of the most popular appliances for commercial kitchens. Unlike a dough mixer, they offer more versatility, enabling you to blend ingredients but also carry out  robust kneading when needed.

There are many benefits to investing in a larger commercial planetary mixer, including the fact it will cut down on labour and cleaning. Since they deliver non-contact mixing, they don’t introduce air into a material. 

Our selection of planetary mixers includes those from Italian brand La Felsinea, along with Mainca, Omega, and Talsa.

Latest large planetary mixers include the La Felsinea ME180 BA Evo Mixer which has twin paddle mixers and come in capacities ranging from 50kg to 180kg; they are also available in 1 and 3 phase (180kg - 3 phase only). 

The controls allow the mixing paddles to move in either direction, automatic switch off and automatic reverse function.

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