The best food processing equipment saves you significant amounts of time when preparing large amounts of ingredients. 

Using a commercial food dicer provides several benefits, including the fact it cuts fruits, vegetables and other ingredients into precise, uniform pieces as efficiently as possible. This will provide the professional finish imaginable for your dishes. 

You also want a food dicer that delivers exceptional consistency. This makes it easier to prepare dishes that require even cooking times, like stir-fries or stews.

Safety is another key requirement with any food preparation equipment, reducing the risk of accidental cuts from using a knife. Most food dicers come with built-in safety features that protect your fingers and hands from the blades.

Cibamat has many versatile machines that come with different blades and attachments, enabling you to cut your ingredients into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Whether you need a dicer that cuts into small cubes or julienne strips, we have machines for a range of purposes. That includes machines from leading brands like this Edertal Universal Manual Mixer AS72 Dicer that’s currently reduced in price by 6%.

Significantly cheaper than other automatic machines on the market, this machine is engineered and manufactured in Germany and ideal for operators producing small batches. It can be used to cut meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables into strips or cubes depending on the product desired.

Our quality industrial food dicers make it easy to improve the presentation of your dishes, ensuring that your ingredients are all the same size and shape, making them more visually appealing.

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