A set of razor-sharp knives are essential for professional chefs who spend all day chopping, slicing and cubing fruit and vegetables. 

Instead of sending knives to a professional for sharpening, having your own machine will save you significant time and effort. You will also save money since knives won’t have to be replaced before their time. 

Well-sharpened knives not only perform better, they have a much longer lifespan. Using one of our machines means you’ll minimise the wear-and-tear of the blades, preventing them from becoming dull and ineffective.

Our sharpening machines are designed so you have precise and consistent sharpening angles, ensuring that each knife is sharpened uniformly.

Cibamat has a wide range of knife sharpening machines to choose from. 

Popular products include the Fazzini Compact K10/KS10 which is one of the most widely used machines in the world. Suitable for butchers, fishmongers, supermarkets and restaurants, it’s recommended for medium/high volume of use.

Cibamat also has spare parts for existing machines, including those from Fazzini. That includes this Professional K100/KS100 Right Position System which fits the Professional K100 and KS100.

Our new machines include the Mado Superschliff Knife Sharpener, made by a brand with over 45 years of experience. Pick this machine and you’ll benefit from the best state-of-the-art technology. Recommended by experts, these machines are characterised by quite easy handling and silent, vibration-free running.

An excellent investment, the machine has an extremely long service life. In fact, the MADO SUPERSCHLIFF is generally considered indestructible thanks to its solid design. Its structure is made of plastics in connection with stainless steel and its mature technology.

If you’re looking for professional knife sharpening machines, check out our latest range today.