Whether you need a heavy duty machine or one for a smaller business, Cibamat has equipment that makes it quick and easy to prepare delicious burgers. 

On our website, we have everything from manual burger presses and patty formers to meatball rounders and automatic meat processing machines.  All our equipment is extremely easy to keep clean, maintain and operate safely. 

Many of our machines for making burgers can also be used to create a variety of other products, making them an excellent investment. 

All machines come from top brands like La Felsinea, Sirman, Gesame, Pintro, Thoga and more. 

This range includes the Thoga Automatic Meat Processing Machine which is ideal for not only meat but sweet and savoury doughs, pastry fillings, vegetable based products and much much more. It enables you to create burgers in a range of thicknesses and sizes. 

You can also create sausages suitable for use with both natural and collagen casings. The Thoga is free from any electrical components and works using compressed air, making it extremely safe to use.

Elsewhere in this range is the Formatic R4000/180 which is a burger machine able to produce 4400 forms per hour. It comes with an extended conveyor belt of 750mm in length, automatic paper attachment, automatic wire clean, foot pedal control, and a 45 litre gooseneck hopper.

We also have a collection of used machines, including ex-demonstration and refurbished machinery. 

If you’re looking for high quality burger machines, check out our latest collection today. Or contact us for more information.