Whether you’re looking for a budget mincer or a high-end machine, you’ll find it among our selection at Cibamat.

Preparing food without the right equipment is incredibly time consuming. It can also make it more difficult to keep your ingredients clean and hygienic.

Cibamat has a range of machines which make light work of even the most arduous tasks. From mincing and chopping to mixing, everything is more efficient with our machinery.

Working in partnership with top manufacturers, we can offer exceptional deals to our valued customers. All our prices include free kerbside deliveries. If you already have a mincer but need replacement components, we also supply spare parts.

Find the perfect mincer for your food business.

Our expert mincers include this highly affordable Edertal EMS 70-2 Mincer Grinder. Coming with a range of attachments, it is priced at only £286.20 and has many different uses beyond mincing. Features include a vegetable slicer and a grater for dry and semi-dry foods.

Our high-end machines include Biro 56 Mincers which are part of their heavy horsepower range. A true workhorse of a machine, it’s an investment that can last for decades if cared for properly. This mincer is available with two different motors to suit your requirements.

Want to know more about our machines? Our friendly and expert team is always happy to offer more information.

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