Preparing food can be a highly laborious process when you lack decent equipment. Food processing machinery plays an invaluable role throughout the food industry, helping to transform raw ingredients into first-class food products. 

There is a wide variety of food processing equipment on the market, from those for cutting, juicing, dicing and chopping through to mincing and mixing. 

Whatever you might be looking for, Cibamat has a massive selection of new and refurbished equipment available, including those from top brands like Kolbe, Biro Manufacturing, Fazzini Machines, La Felsinea, Beelonia, CP Rose, Foodlogistik, Formatic and many more.

Most modern food processing equipment is automated, making the process more convenient and reducing the need to hire extra staff. 

The best equipment can also provide more consistent results, along with reducing the risk of food contamination at your business. Most modern machines are designed with safety in mind, being made with materials that are easy to keep clean and prevent cross-contamination. This can prove to be extremely useful; after all, there’s few industries where health and safety standards are stricter. 

Along with the latest food processing equipment, Cibamat also has an excellent range of food trade and non-food trade clothing. We also enable you to order all kinds of ingredients, including burger mixes, glazes, gourmet rubs and much more.

If you’re looking for new or used food processing equipment, explore our latest range today. Or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.