Nothing beats being able to serve fresh pasta to your customers. With our machines, it’s quicker and easier than ever to prepare pasta in all kinds of shapes. 

People expect a superior experience when ordering this type of dish at a restaurant. The taste and flavour of freshly prepared pasta tends to be much better. It tends to absorb the flavours of the sauce much more effectively than dried pasta.

Cibamat has a great choice of machines for pasta making, including spiral mixers. 

Our collection includes this La Felsinea Ciao Pasta Machine which comes with a variety of dies. Whether you’re preparing spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelle or fusilli, this machine makes it easy to produce the finest fresh pasta. 

For those that need a powerful machine, there’s the La Felsinea Ciao Pasta Machine 10, which is the largest in our range. On our website, you can view a video of how this equipment works. As with all the machines we have available, it comes with a wide selection of dies. It can be ordered with or without a cutting attachment. 

Meanwhile, our spiral mixers include this La Felsinea Spiral Mixer SPM 5C which is made with a scratch resistant powder coating. It is available as a tabletop or floor standing mixer. 

If you’re looking for pasta machines for restaurants and need expert advice, our friendly team is happy to help. 

Explore our latest choice of pasta machines for restaurants or contact our team for more information.