A part of mincer, grinder or mixer grinder that pushes the product towards the knife and plate. Also known as a worm.

A pressurised device used to sterilize equipment and other objects, or to cook food under pressure, killing bacteria and thus making the food shelf-stable.

Batch Freezer
An appliance used to make large quantities of ice cream, gelato, or sorbet

A machine used to blanch (briefly boil) food to prepare it for freezing or canning.

A machine that uses centrifugal force to separate mixtures, such as separating cream from milk.

A cooling machine used to reduce the temperature of food products quickly.

Conveyor Belt
A moving belt that transports food from one station or machine to another in a processing line.

A machine used to remove moisture from food products, such as fruits or meats, preserving them.

A machine that mixes two immiscible substances, such as oil and water, into a stable emulsion.

A device that shapes a food product by forcing it through a shaped opening.

A machine designed to portion and dispense products into containers or packaging.

Flash Freezer
A freezer designed to rapidly lower the temperature of food products, minimizing the formation of large ice crystals.

A machine that breaks down food products into smaller pieces, such as a meat grinder. Also known as a mincer.

A machine that breaks down fat molecules in milk so that they remain suspended and integrated rather than separating.

A large cooking container often used in food processing to cook large batches of food or liquids.

Lyophilizer Another term for a freeze dryer, which dries food by freezing it and then reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water to sublimate directly from ice to vapor.

A device that combines food ingredients into a consistent mixture.

Mixer Grinder
A machine with paddles that turns the product allowing extra ingredients to be added. The paddles then push the product onto a worm or auger which grinds the meat through holes to create mince.

Mincer Plate
The part that is attached to the end of a barrel of a grinder, mincer or mixer grinder which the product is forced through to create the mince. Different sized holes are available to create the size of the mince.

Mincer Knife 
The part that is placed on the end of the auger/worm and is pressed closely to the mincer plate. This cuts the mince as it comes out of the machine.

A machine that heats food to a specific temperature to kill harmful microorganisms and extend shelf life.

A machine that removes the skin or outer layer from fruits, vegetables, or other foods.

A machine that cooks food in the container in which it will be sold, ensuring both sterilization of the food and the container.

A controlled environment or chamber where certain foods, like fruits, are allowed to ripen.

A machine that separates one component of a food from another, like separating cream from milk.

A device that cuts food products into thin, uniform slices.


A facility where foods are smoked to impart flavour and preserve them.

A machine that marinates meat by turning it in a rotating drum. Often includes a vacuum to speed up the marinading process.

UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) Processing
Equipment that heats food to very high temperatures for a short time to sterilize it, commonly used in milk processing.

Vacuum Packer
A machine that removes air from a package and then seals it, extending the shelf life of the food inside.

A tool used to remove the outer zest or skin from citrus fruits.