Want to effortlessly prepare the most succulent roasted meat?

The preparation of food for businesses needs to be speedy, hygienic and convenient. Nowhere is that truer than with meat, which can be tricky to get right. Fortunately, Cibamat has a wonderful choice of processing equipment for the preparation of meat.

Among our collections are the finest rotisserie ovens for superior results every time.

Rotisseries are one of the oldest methods for preparing meat, and one of the most effective.

Because they deliver a slower cooking process, it’s much easier to control the cooking of your food and spend more time on other tasks. The unhurried roasting leads to enhanced flavour and more tenderness, locking in the flavours and juices, with the rotisserie even self-basting as it rotates.

Our range includes this Chicken Rotisserie made by leading German brand München 3 Kompact.

Available for gas or electric, this oven is made from the best quality V2A stainless steel from top to bottom.

Easy to use and keep clean, it contains a grease collection pan which can be emptied quickly by opening up the drain outlet. The machine has a stylish hood with a timeless design, so will look great in your premises or restaurant. Extremely versatile, it’s great for not only roasting chickens but spareribs, rolled pork, chicken thighs, ducks, suckling pigs and vegetables.

Check out our latest rotisserie ovens or contact our friendly team for more information.