A burger machine is excellent for producing burgers of consistent quality. The shape and size will always be the same, making it easier to cook them to perfection. 

You’ll have much more control on the amount of meat you use, making it easier to stay within budget. This will also mean you’re using your ingredients more effectively.

A machine can save you time making burger patties manually, especially if you need to produce a large volume. We have numerous machines that will significantly speed up the process. If you run a commercial kitchen, you’ll be able to provide a much better service to your customers. 

Many of our machines come with adjustable settings, so you can create custom sizes or thicknesses. 

Our burger machines are also excellent for improving hygiene, since you won’t need to handle raw meat so much; this can decrease the risk of cross-contamination.

All our devices are user-friendly and are easy to operate, so can be used by both experienced and beginner chefs in a range of industries. Although you need to make the initial investment, a burger machine can improve efficiency levels, reduce levels of food waste, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Among our range are devices from top Italian brand La Felsinea, along with Sirman, Pintro, Sheerline, Gesame, and many more. 

Explore our range of burger machines and food formers. Or simply contact us for more details on any of our machines.