Cibamat loves supplying first-class food equipment to keep businesses running at optimal levels. 

Kolbe is one of our most well-loved brands at Cibamat. Engineered and designed to last for decades, their machinery includes mixer grinders in various sizes. So, why invest in this type of device?

Mixer grinders are one of the most versatile kitchen appliances, allowing you to blend, mix and grind as quickly as possible. It’s perfect for saving time and effort when preparing all kinds of dishes. 

Experiment with different ingredients and produce dishes with fresh, exciting flavours. 

Because it’s multi-functional, it’s a wonderful investment for all types of tasks, including making smoothies, grinding fresh spices, making batters and much more. This will help to enhance the flavour of your dishes. 

Because they can be compact, they take up less space than multiple devices. All our Kolbe mixer grinders are clean and easy to use. Mixer grinders also provide more control over how coarse or fine your spices, pastes and batters are.

Mixer grinders are ideal for preparing all kinds of cuisines, including Indian and Mediterranean dishes.

They’re also great for retaining the nutrients in ingredients, which may get lost in processed or packaged foods.

Our latest range includes this Kolbe AWM 52-240, an industrial mixer grinder with a hopper capacity of around 220 litres. Like all their devices, it is constructed to Kolbe's high standards of engineering in quality stainless steel

Check out our latest range of mixer grinders or contact our friendly team for more details.