Do you need to produce large amounts of fresh orange juice? 

Invest in one of our juicers and you can easily produce refreshing drinks on a daily basis, with a machine that’s easy to maintain and clean. 

Cibamat delivers high quality food processing equipment to clients all over the world. We offer free mainland UK shipping, with exceptional prices for all our machinery. 

Whether you need machines for juicing, mincing, mixing or packaging, you’ll find the finest quality equipment from leading manufacturers on our website. That includes Desa, Edertal, Frucosol, Gesame, Kolbe and many more.

Our juicers include the F50 AC, which is one of the strongest and quickest juicers on the market. 

It comes with a practical digital counter that allows you to select the exact number of oranges to be squeezed and is easily taken apart for cleaning. Available on pre-order, it’s usually delivered within around 2 weeks.

Need a smaller juicer? We also have this Compact Juicer which is easy to use and has a squeezing system that  controls the pressure exerted on the fruit to ensure no bitter peel ends up in the final juice.

Along with having new machinery, we have a range of used and refurbished equipment that’s in great condition.

If you’re looking for juicers for your business, explore our latest range today. Or contact our team for more information.