Cibamat is here to help you process, cook, package and bake food to the finest standards. We have a vast selection of new and refurbished machines for food businesses of all sizes. 

With connections to over 100 manufacturers, it’s easy to get the food processing equipment you need.

Among our machines are juicers from leading brand Frucosol.

This company looks to be a benchmark brand when it comes to solutions for the catering industry and they have both small and large juicers available. Hospitality professionals will benefit from some of the quickest juicers on the market, which are easy to clean, run and maintain. 

Their juicers are used in everything from restaurants, hotels and cafes to other businesses. 

Need to make a significant amount of juice every day?

Our collection includes this large Frucosol F50 A Juicer which has an attractive basket feed capable of holding 12kg of fruit. It has a squeezing system that controls the pressure exerted on the fruit to ensure no bitter peel ends up in the final juice. 

Manufactured in stainless steel, it’s an attractive and robust addition to your kitchen. This juicer is recommended for any business making in excess of 30 juices per day.

Whatever type of food processing equipment you need, our team is happy to talk you through the options we have available. 

If you’re looking for large juicers for your business, simply explore our latest range or contact our friendly team for more information.