Cibamat employs (and contracts with) 20 engineers across the UK and Ireland to maintain food processing equipment whether it has been sold by Cibamat or other companies.

We strongly recommend that all food preparation businesses have planned preventative maintenance contracts (service contracts) in place to maintain their equipment. The benefits are long but the main ones are:

  • Minimising the chance of  major breakdowns and faults which can be both expensive and stressful
  • Doing everything you can to maintain the health and safety of your staff
  • Maximising the life expectancy of the machinery

However we recognise that there are instances when machines are not covered by a maintenance contract and require an experienced engineer to get the machine back into service as soon as possible. In this case the following terms and conditions will apply and the customer must agree to these prior to an engineer being dispatched and work commences.

1) For the avoidance of doubt Cibamat terms a breakdown or fault call out as any machine that is not covered by a Cibamat Planned Preventative Maintenance Contract or a Cibamat Warranty.

2) The request for an engineer must be made via the online form which can be accessed here.

3) The customer must pay an initial fee of one hours travel and one hour time on site before the engineer is booked in.

4) Should travel time be expected to be longer than one hour then Cibamat will contact the customer and explain the need for an additional payment prior to an engineer attending.

5) Once the engineer has made an initial diagnosis of the machine an estimate of costs will be presented to the customer.

6) The customer must approve the estimated costs before work will commence. By approving the estimated costs the customer acknowledges responsibility for the payment of those parts fitted and the labour undertaken. These are non refundable and payment must be made before the engineer departs the premises (unless agreed with Cibamat in writing).

7) Whilst every effort will be made to repair the affected machinery in one visit the customer recognises that this is not always possible and return visits will be charged at the same rate and payable in advance (including travel, parts to be fitted and estimated time on site charges). In the event the time on site is less than estimated or parts are not used these will be refunded.

8) Once the appointment is confirmed and paid for Cibamat will attempt to give the customer a date for the repair to take place but cannot guarantee availability within a prescribed time period. Priority will be given to customers on Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts.

9) The customer cannot hold Cibamat liable for any loss of income caused by machines not being in service before, during or after the repair period.

10) The customer understands that by allowing Cibamat engineers (or their representatives) to work on machines additional issues or faults my be exposed. Cibamat bears no responsibility for any issues caused by the work being carried out in good faith.