Creating burgers is quick, easy and convenient with our latest food processing equipment. No matter if you’re looking to invest in a manual machine or a versatile mixer grinder, Cibamat has a huge selection of models to choose from. 

You’ll find manual burger press machines for companies on all kinds of budgets, including those looking to buy for less than £400. Many of our machines can be used for a variety of products, including sausages, butter, cheese and much more. 

Our latest range of manual burger machines include:

  • The Sheerline Burger Machine which can produce up to 1500 burgers per hour with the choice of either 4" or 5" diameters. Each burger machine comes with a couple of different thickness plates which alter the weight of the burgers formed.
  • The La Felsinea Manual Burger Press which starts from only £324.43 and small, convenient and able to make burgers in a number of widths. 
  • The Formatic R220 which can be used for not only meat and fish but potatoes, vegetables, butter, cheese as well as forming bakery and confectionery in a variety of different shapes and sizes. It is the industry standard for small to high-volume food producers. It’s capable of producing up to 2200 burgers per hour, so is ideal if you need a more high duty machine.

These are just a few examples of the many machines we have available to order online. 

Check out our latest range of burger forming machines or contact our friendly team for more information.