Founded in 1921, Biro was initially focused on manufacturing meat processing equipment which was safe and efficient.

Today, they’re renowned for their machines which are widely used in butcher shops, supermarkets, and other food processing establishments throughout the UK.

Many of Biro’s machines, including their mixer grinders, have innovative features to make your life easier. The brand is consistently designing equipment that enhances productivity while maintaining high standards of quality and safety. They’re a brilliant choice if you’re after durable, reliable equipment which is easy to clean and maintain. 

With a history spanning several decades, BIRO has a legacy of contributing to the advancement of meat processing technology. Their products have become integral to the operations of many food-related businesses.

If you need spare parts for your food processing equipment, the chances are we can help. 

We have spare parts for many leading brands, including those for Biro mixer grinders, mincers, cutters, tenderisers, dicers, knife sharpeners and much more. All our replacements are of the finest quality and will be compatible with the particular machine. 

Cibamat has relationships with over 100 manufacturers and their associated agents. A genuinely independent, family-run company, we are not contracted to any brand or manufacturer so will always give you impartial advice.

If you’re looking for spare parts for your Biro machine, check out our latest range. Or simply get in touch for more information today.