Whether you’re looking to invest in new or used food processing equipment, you’ll find an excellent choice at Cibamat.

It’s our mission to provide you with industry-leading products, so you can deliver the best food to your customers. Along with food processing machinery, we also have cooking, packaging, baking, pasta making and cleaning equipment.

Among our collection of processing machinery is bowl choppers for businesses on a range of budgets. Chopping is one of the most time consuming tasks, but our bowl choppers significantly speed up the process.

This range includes the La Felsinea Tabletop Bowl Chopper Gladius 20L which is available on pre-order.

Manufactured completely from stainless steel, it has three blades as standard. This tabletop bowl chopper is ideal for processing a range of products including ground pork and beef, burger or sausage mixes. It’s also brilliant for chopping vegetables and processed cheese.

We also have the Ramon A-20L VAR Bowl Chopper which comes in three different sizes. As with all our bowl choppers, you’ll find detailed specifications on our website. Whether you’re looking for a small-to-medium chopper, the Ramon range could be the ideal choice.

Cibamat works with a wide range of businesses of all sizes, including factories, independent high street butchers, kitchens, restaurants, delicatessens and wholesalers. Along with our new machines, we also have ex-demonstration and refurbished machinery available.

For more information, explore our latest selection of bowl choppers, or don’t hesitate to contact our team today.