Cibamat has a range of high quality equipment for preparing meat, including tabletop and floor standing band saws

So, how exactly does this type of machine work? Specifically designed for cutting meat, a band saw consists of a long, thin blade with teeth that run along one edge. It has a motor driving the blade, making it move in a continuous loop. The blade is mounted on a frame with meat fed through the saw blade. 

This type of food processing equipment is most often used to cut beef, pork, lamb, and other types of meat into products like steaks, chops, and other cuts. These can then easily be sold to restaurants, supermarkets and other food service establishments.

Our meat band saws are ideal for companies working throughout the meat processing industry.

They allow you to prepare large pieces of meat turning them into smaller, more manageable portions. 

Meat band saws are also sometimes used at home by ‘meat enthusiasts’ who want to prepare the cuts themselves. However, a meat band saw requires skill and training in order to keep it running smoothly.

Our latest band saws include the Medoc ST 320 which is the largest we have available. It is ideal for use in butchers shops and small meat processors where the machine will be used less frequently

Because it’s sealed to IP65 dust and water protection levels, it can be easily cleaned and even washed with pressure if required.

Check out our latest meat band saws or contact us for more information.