Whether you specialise in Cumberland, Lincolnshire or vegetarian sausages , Cibamat has an excellent range of equipment for producing high quality meat products. That includes sausage fillers from Italian brand La Felsinea.

Often known as a ‘sausage stuffer', a filler will save you time and energy, with both electrical and manual machines available. They can also come in the form of a standalone machine or come with attachments for meat grinders. 

Find the perfect sausage filler for your food business.

Our latest collection includes the Mainca FC20 which is the second smallest machine in their range. Ideal for companies that need a more compact model, it can be upgraded so it has a stainless steel lid, stainless steel piston or both together.

It can also be fitted with castors so the sausage filler can be manoeuvred easily for cleaning. Better yet, Mainca offers an anti-tilt mechanism for additional security, preventing the machine from falling over whilst moving. 

We also have this La Felsinea Vertical Manual Sausage Filler which has a stainless steel body and costs less than £1,000 at £873.08. It comes with 3 types of filling tubes (10mm, 18mm, 25mm), so it’s easy to produce the sized sausages you need.

Check out our latest collection of sausage fillers or contact our team for more information.