Need to invest in a dicer, mincer, mixer or knife sharpener?

Many businesses don’t have the budget to invest in a new machine, and are worried about the risk of buying used equipment. After all, many companies selling refurbished machines don’t have a quality control system in place. That’s not the case when you choose Cibamat.

Cibamat has both new and refurbished food processing equipment available at competitive prices.

When you buy used food processing equipment from us, you’ll have access to all the information about its history. The details you can see include:

  • The age of the machine
  • Its service history so you’re always aware of any repairs which have been made.
  • Details of the refurbishment

All of these will help you make up your mind as to whether a machine is worth investing in. Cibamat is part of an extensive twenty food processing firms, so they can help find the right machine for your requirements.

Alternatively, we have a fantastic choice of new food processing machines available, including Food Forming Equipment. Among this range is the Gesame MH100A Kit Food Former which can produce 47 burgers and 100 meatballs can be produced per minute with a variable speed control to suit the operator.

Whether you’re interested in new or refurbished equipment, please contact our friendly team for more information.