Fortunately, modern technology has made preparing large amounts of food quickly easier than ever.

Bowl choppers, otherwise known as ‘food cutter’s, are machines that chop or emulsify food by rotating it in a bowl beneath spinning blades. It’s a key piece of equipment in many food processing facilities.

Bowl choppers are one of the many types of food processing equipment you’ll find at Cibamat. We appreciate when investing in this type of machinery, you want assurance it will be efficient, reliable, long lasting and easy to keep clean.

We have both new and refurbished machines to choose from. Our bowl choppers include those from leading brands like Nowicki, Scharfen, Mainca, La Felsinea and many more.

Our latest bowl choppers include the La Felsinea Tabletop Bowl Chopper Gladius.

This tabletop bowl chopper is ideal for producing meat mixes along with chopping vegetables and processed cheese. It is available in three sizes: 6, 12 and 20 litres, making them ideal for small scale productions. Made of pure stainless steel, it comes with three blades as standard.      

Want to see how it works? We have a video on our website that demonstrates this and many other bowl choppers.

Elsewhere in our range is the Nowick KN-60 Bowl Cutter which is designed for the general production of smoked, steamed, and raw sausages. It also offers vast possibilities in the production of superb fine grain emulsions from crude materials like tendon dough.

Check out our latest range of bowl choppers or contact our team for more information.