If you work with a lot of baked and dough-related goods, a spiral mixer can be an excellent investment. 

Spiral mixers work by mixing and kneading dough, leading to dough having better consistency, gluten development and improved texture. Using one of these machines can save you time and labour, giving your restaurant staff the chance to focus on other tasks. It can therefore improve the efficiency of your kitchen. 

Enjoy consistently high quality results. 

Unlike with manual mixing and kneading, you’ll enjoy excellent results every time. This is highly important in a restaurant where you have the quality to be the same every day. It will also reduce the strain on your staff, since kneading dough is a labour intensive task. They also won’t have to worry about strenuous hand mixing, which can lead to repetitive strain injuries. 

Among our spiral mixers are those for kitchens that produce large volumes of dough. Whether you specialise in bread, pizza or pastry, such models have large bowl capacities. These types of machines are highly versatile and can be used for pasta, biscuits, pie crust dough and much more. 

Spiral mixers also develop gluten more effectively than other mixers, which is important for the elasticity and structure of dough. 

When looking for the right spiral mixer for your restaurant, it's important to look at your specific needs, budget, and the volume of dough you'll be working with. Cibamat only sells reputable brands to ensure you have a durable and reliable machine that serves your restaurant's needs for years to come.

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