Biro 44 Fixed Head Bandsaw Blades (142 Inch Length) (SOLD IN PACKS OF 10)

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Configuration: 3 Skip (3 Teeth per inch)
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Our blades are specially designed for the machines of the Biro Manufacturing Company (USA).

We currently supply them in 3 different configurations 10 Skip (10SPS), 4 Skip (4TPI) and 3 Skip (3 TPI) but with other options available such as 2TPI, 6TPI, band Knives for bacon, pizza toppings, vegetables, cheese, sausage, filleting, skinning, slicing.

Depending on the product being cut we recommend:

  • Fresh Meat - 4TPI (6TPI also available on request)
  • Frozen Meat - 3TPI or 10SPS
  • Frozen Fish - 3TPI or 10SPS (2TPI also available on request) For special requests please contact

The 10 skip (10SPS) configuration is by far the most popular with customers who cut a lot of hard bone (particularly cow's foot) as the cut is very clean and creates far less bone dust or swarf than other types of blade. We recommend this blade a lot and sell a lot of these blades.

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