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Biro 55 Bandsaw or Bone Saw: Unrivaled Reliability for a Century

Biro Manufacturing, a family-run enterprise with a legacy spanning nearly a century, has consistently produced the most enduring bandsaws in the market. Over the years, countless customers have tested alternatives, only to find that nothing rivals Biro's unwavering reliability and robustness.

Power and Versatility Combined:

The Biro 55, the flagship of our range, finds its place in the preferences of larger processors. With the capacity to split loins and quarters, it also effortlessly adapts to craft smaller retail cuts. A true workhorse, this machine can power through an entire day, quickly establishing itself as an invaluable team member.

Quality with Unyielding Endurance:

Designed for longevity, the body and head of the Biro 55 are meticulously crafted from stainless steel to fend off corrosion and stand the test of time. The fixed head design, coupled with the unique top wheel tensioning system, guarantees an unmatched level of precision and stability during operation.

Practicality Meets Efficiency:

Reflecting our commitment to practicality, the Biro 55 range includes a removable tray, making waste collection and disposal an effortless process. This commitment to ease extends to maintenance, where all parts are thoughtfully replaceable, streamlining upkeep and ensuring operational efficiency.

Specifications that Command Respect:

  • Power: Three Phase 5HP Motor
  • Cutting Dimension (approx): 508mm (h) x 533mm (w)
  • Blade Length: 164.5" (3/4" wide)
  • Dimensions (approx): 2121mm (h) x 1102mm (w) x 1194mm (l)
  • Weight (approx): 340kg

Experience the legacy of Biro's reliability for yourself. Let the Biro 55 Bandsaw redefine the standards of robustness and performance in your processing needs.

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