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The KSF Rodizio Grill handles large volumes while saving space at the same time. Anyone who likes Brazilian flair will love this rodizio grill. The rodizio grill is a dream come true for every churrascaria.

This grilling style, invented by Brazilian cattle drivers, is quickly becoming more popular and is in the meantime found all over the world. In the classic form the grill master, or “Churrasciero”, prepares the widest assortment of tender kinds of meat very slowly on the KSF Rodizio grill, resulting in a memorable flavor experience usually enhanced with coarse sea salt.

The finished pieces of meat are not pulled from the grill spit, as might be expected; instead, the meat is sliced off the spit directly onto the guest’s plate. The spit is then returned to the grill. With this type of grilling the meat always has a crispy outside layer, resulting in an incomparable, unique flavor highlight.

The meat is then complemented with all kinds of salads, with the variety of flavors climaxing in an unforgettable taste sensation for every one of your guests. The traditional dessert is a selection of grilled fruits such as pineapple chunks and other specialties.

Product Details:
Article No. Gas: 1-017-011-06
Article No. Electric: 1-017-01-16
Dimensions WxDxH (mm): 1100x700x1960
Weight (kg): 224
No. of burners/Heating elements: 4/7
No. of spits: 16
Material stainless steel: V2A 1.4301 (AISI 304)
Connection: M26x1.5 or 1/2 Inch

PG 50mbar: 0.80 kg/h 10.0 kW
PG 30mbar: 0.60 kg/h 7.6 kW
NG H 20mbar: 0.92 m³/h 8.8 kW
NG L 20mbar: 1.08 m³/h 8.8 kW
Electric: 11.9 kW/h
Motor: 0.1 kW 230V

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