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Type: Gas
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The allrounder for any food on the grill. The RGS catering grill features a number of possible frame combinations, which can be changed quickly when necessary. Holds value for decades.

Everything from a small bratwurst weighing only a few grams to the 25-kilogram suckling pig – our large grill, although not our largest, is perfect for the job. This of course calls for a little finesse when it comes to adjusting the heat applied, because not all meat was created equal and grilled food comes in different types, sizes, weights, and flavors, with some more sensitive than the rest. The individual safety pilot valves, featuring individual and stageless regulation, adjust the flame of each individual burner and treat the food being grilled in a manner worthy of a successful catering operation. The gas grill can be operated with either propane gas or natural gas, either indoors or outdoors. The front structure of the housing ensures good protection for the gas valves. The overall structure reflects years of ongoing development to the benefit of the user.

Product Details:
Article No. Gas: 1-011-01-13
Article No. Electric: 1-011-01-14
Dimensions WxDxH (mm): 1655x600x300
Weight without attachments (kg): 74.0
No. of burners/Heating elements: 8/15
Grill area WxD (mm): 1600x435
Material stainless steel: V2A 1.4301 (AISI 304)
Connection: M26x1.5 or 1/2 Inch

PG 50mbar: 2.40 kg/h 30.6 kW
PG 30mbar: 2.40 kg/h 30.1 kW
NG H 20mbar: 3.20 m³/h 30.6 kW
NG L 20mbar: 3.76 m³/h 30.6 kW
Electric: 25.5 kW/h


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