Edertal HST 35 Tenderiser/Strip Cutter

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The Edertal Strip Cutting and Tenderising range has a machine for all applications

The HST35 is a small machine ideal for butchers shops, hotels and retail spaces looking to produce small batches.

The machine comes with one tenderising set: Blunt Blades - Steaker Roller.

There are other sets available to purchase separately which are interchangeable with other Edertal machines:

  • Steaker Roller - blunt blades
  • Steaker Roller - Sharpened blades
  • Strip Cutting Roller Set 3.3mm
  • Strip Cutting Roller Set 4.8mm
  • Strip Cutting Roller Set 6.8mm
  • Strip Cutting Roller Set 9.6mm
  • Flattening/Tenderising Roller Set up to 15mm
  • Flattening/Tenderising Roller Set up to 15mm - 22mm
  • Hunter Roller Set Blunt Blades
  • Hunter Roller Set Sharpened Blades
  • Chicken Cutting Roller Set 3.3mm
  • Chicken Cutting Roller Set 4.8mm
  • Chicken Cutting Roller Set 6.8mm
  • Chicken Cutting Roller Set 9.6mm

To purchase additional tenderising roller sets on our sister site Cibamat , please click here.

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