CP Rose MK 10 RE Ham Cooker

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The CP Rose MK10 GE ham boiler is constructed in stainless steel and manufactured in England.

The ham boiler is capable of holding up to 9 hams or other meat joints at one time.

The water cooker is made to the highest of standards, with the water cooker being checked at every step of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the ham boiler is verified for a full cooking cycle before leaving the factory.

The insulated lid fits tightly to the top of the water cooker to prevent any steam vapour or odour being released from the inner pan.

The elements in the ham boiler are fitted in the bottom of the inner pan and are in direct contact with the water, giving a faster heat transfer.


  • Ham Boiler External Dimensions (WxDxH) 770x750x1092mm
  • Ham Boiler Inner Pan Dimensions (WxH) 610x450mm
  • Ham Boiler Capacity per Cook 9 x 7kgs trussed joints
  • Ham Boiler Power 240V 30amp
  • Ham Boiler Element Type Grid Element (immersed in water – fast heat transfer)

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