CP Rose MK 5 GEC Ham Cooker on castors

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The CP Rose MK5 ham boiler is made from high-quality stainless steel and comes as standard on castors.

The MK5 ham boiler can take up to 5 hams or other meat joints at any one time.

The ham boiler is manufactured the highest possible standards with checks taking place at every step in the process. The stainless steel used is polished and crafted to ensure that the insulated lids fit snuggly to provide a steam, vapour and odour resistant seal.

The CP Rose MK5 ham boiler has a temperature control thermostat that is infinitely variable to allow cooking temperatures from ambient to boiling, giving the operator a wider variety of use for the water cooker.

The CP Rose water cooker is extremely easy to use with only a couple of controls needed to be entered before starting the cook. The meat is put into cooking bags and added to the ham boiler, the cold water is then added and the desired cooking temperature entered. The machine is then turned on and can be left until the cooking process is completed.

With the ham boilers wall and lid being extremely well insulated the machine is able to keep the water at the desired cooking temperature for long periods of time without needing to add more heat via the grid elements. This reduces the running costs of the ham boiler quite substantially and gives the customer greater profits in their produce.

For more information on the ham boiler please take a look at the brochure, which is downloadable from the top right icon in the product screen.  For all other CP Rose ham boiler models please click here.

Or for alternative options take a look at the Ascoli Flavasava ham boiler range and the Talsa range of water cooker.


    • Ham Boiler External Dimensions (WxDxH) 530x650x800mm
    • Ham Boiler Inner Pan Dimensions (WxH) 475x450mm
    • Ham Boiler Capacity per cook 5 x 7kgs trussed joints
    • Ham Boiler Power 240V 13amp
    • Ham Boiler Element Type Grid Element (immersed in water – fast heat transfer)

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