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The Econorobe applies high quality coverage of numerous batters and marinades and is successful with a host of meat, fish, ethnic and vegetable produce.

Available in either “weir” or “dip” style the system can effectively handle adhesive or tempura mixes and the ease of switching batters between production runs allows the producer the freedom to maximize production efficiency.

The EconoRobe forms part of the Deighton Manufacturing (UK) Ltd further processing line and is available in widths of 200, 300, 400 & 600mm.

Weir Enrober The weir style Enrober can be used for all adhesive batters and marinades of varying viscosities.

The system consists of a variable speed conveyor which passes through a “puddle plate” and “water fall” of the required batter to totally cover the product. This batter is recirculated from the batter tank, through a filter basket and back up to the waterfall by a centrifugal pump situated underneath the batter tank. Any excess batter on the product is removed by a variable pressure air knife before presenting for the next process or packaging stage.

Dip Enrober The dip style Enrober is suitable for tempura and high viscosity batter where mixing through a pump is not preferable.

The system consists of a variable speed conveyor which passes product through the system. As the product travels along the conveyor it is fully submerged into a tank of batter. A weighted top conveyor assists to channel the product through the tank, ensuring that the product remains completely immersed in the batter or chosen marinade at all times. As the product leaves the tank a variable pressure air knife removes any excess batter before presenting for the next process or packaging stage.

 Technical Specification:


  • Width (A): 580mm
  • Length (B): 1400mm
  • Height (C): 1360mm
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Power: 950w
  • Electricity Supply: 380/415v
  • Tank Capacity: 12Ltr
  • Output (approx): 350kg/ hr

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