Edertal EMS 70-2 Tabletop Mincer

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Edertal EMS 70-2: Beyond Mincing Excellence

The Edertal EMS 70-2 stands as a global bestseller, a testament to the precision and quality that German engineering brings to the culinary realm. While renowned for its exceptional mincing capabilities, this machine is a versatile marvel that extends its prowess beyond just mincing. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, the standard machine is primed for traditional mincing, and its true magic is amplified through a range of separate attachments available for purchase.

A Multifaceted Culinary Marvel:

  • Tradition Meets Modernity: At its core, the Edertal EMS 70-2 embodies traditional mincing, executed with unprecedented precision and efficiency. However, its true charm lies in the variety of attachments that enable it to transcend its primary function.

  • Tomato Pressing: Unlock the essence of tomatoes through a specialized attachment that presses the vibrant flavors from these fruits, ready to elevate your culinary creations.

  • Versatile Grating: From vegetables to cheese and nuts, the EMS 70-2 effortlessly transitions into a grating powerhouse, transforming ingredients into finely textured wonders that grace your dishes.

  • Flaking Elegance: Dabble in the art of flaking, with the EMS 70-2's attachment allowing you to create delicate, textured results that redefine your culinary landscape.

  • Milling Mastery: The machine's capabilities expand into the realm of milling, as you harness its precision to transform grains and other ingredients into a variety of textures.

  • Sausage Filling: Embrace the world of sausages, as the EMS 70-2 accommodates a sausage filling attachment, allowing you to craft delectable sausages that capture authentic flavors.

German Ingenuity and Engineering Excellence:

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: The Edertal EMS 70-2 is a masterpiece of German engineering, meticulously designed and crafted to offer unparalleled performance and reliability.

  • Versatility Redefined: The EMS 70-2's adaptability isn't merely a feature; it's a testament to the precision engineering that allows it to effortlessly transition between various culinary domains.

Elevate Your Culinary Creations:

The Edertal EMS 70-2 isn't just a mincing machine; it's a culinary companion that empowers you to explore the vast world of flavors and textures. From the traditional to the innovative, this machine opens doors to culinary creativity and mastery.

Note: Attachments for pressing tomatoes, grating vegetables, cheese, and nuts, flaking, milling, and sausage filling are available separately.

Discover the world of culinary possibilities with the Edertal EMS 70-2 – where precision meets versatility, and every dish becomes an extraordinary creation.

To purchase the attachments for the EMS 70-2 please click here

To purchase sausage filling attachments for the EMS 70-2 please click here

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