Edertal Universal AS72 Manual Dicer

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Edertal Universal AS72 Dicer: Affordable Precision for Small Batches

Discover a world of precision and affordability with the Edertal Universal AS72 Dicer, a manual marvel designed to deliver exceptional results without breaking the bank. Crafted with German engineering excellence, this machine is the ultimate companion for operators focusing on small batch production.

German Precision, Unparalleled Value:

  • Cost-Efficient Excellence: Offering a cost-effective alternative to automatic machines, the Edertal Universal AS72 Dicer brings precision to your operations without the premium price tag.

  • German Craftsmanship: Engineered and manufactured in Germany, this machine embodies the precision and reliability associated with German engineering.

  • Ideal for Small Batches: Perfectly suited for operators dealing with small production quantities, this machine ensures quality results in every batch.

Versatile Cutting Options:

  • Multi-Purpose Performance: From meat and fish to cheese, fruit, and vegetables, the Edertal Universal AS72 Dicer is a versatile companion that effortlessly cuts your ingredients into desired strips or cubes.

Experience the Excellence:

  • Witness in Action: Curious to see the machine in action? Click on the image below to watch a video showcasing the Edertal Universal AS72 Dicer's capabilities in action.

Embrace precision, affordability, and German engineering excellence with the Edertal Universal AS72 Dicer. Elevate your small batch production and redefine your culinary possibilities.

Dimensions: 800mm (w) x 1300mm (h) x 1420mm (l)
Weight: 80kg

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