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Elpress' industrial washing systems clean load carriers, crates, pallets or boxes. This means dealing efficiently with costs and the environment; our systems are thrifty with water, energy and cleaning agents, without making concessions to the cleaning itself. Moreover, our installations are user-friendly and ergonomically responsible. The Elpress washing systems are of proven quality. Thinking ahead is in our DNA. Thinking ahead, but with proven principles.

Service is our keyword. As you prepare to make your purchase, we and our resellers provide you with the right advice . This enables you to make a correct and balanced decision. After the purchase, we are keen on establishing a mutual cooperation. For maintenance and/or repairs, our daily operating mobile service vans carry the right equipment and knowledge aboard. This will enable you to enjoy the benefits of your investment for many years to come. A complete package of solutions therefore, with a strong focus on you as our customer.

The Elpress EKW2500 tray washer is made to a very high quality and is extremely efficient. The crate washer is capable of cleaning upto 400 crates per hour. The crate washer is made from stainless steel and is fitted with adjustable feet for levelling. The crate washers wash tunnel is easily accesible by means of an upward folding door. All the doors on the Elpress tray washer are fitted with sensors, which turn the machine off when they are opened. The crate washer can be fitted with the optional 'one man operation' funcation allowing just one member of staff run the machine. The crate washer is made to fit trays or crates which are 600x400x300mm (WxDxH) in dimension.

In the tray washers main wash zone, synthetic click spray nozzles clean the crates with hot water (approx.50-65'C). This along with the detergent which is supplied and regulated by the detergent dosing pump (comes as standard) helps remove the fats and bacterial contaminants from the trays and crates. This helps keep the germ count in the tray washers wash tank as low as possible.

The EKW2500 crate washer's rinse zone is where the trays or crates are rinsed with fresh cold or hot water, effectively removing the detergent agent from them. Rinsing with hot water helps the the drying of the crates. The additional of the 'dosing pump for rinse aid' on the tray washer also increases drying time and reduces any water spots left from normal washing. The rinse water used in the crate washer is re-used in the most optimal way possible helping reduce the amount of water required to run the machine.

Whatever the type of dirt you require to remove from your trays or crates the Elpress EKW2500 tray washer will be able to do it, in just one wash cycle. We have supplied a variety of companies with crate washers including, meat and fish industry, bakeries, PVF, dairy, confectionary and also logistics organisations. The Elpress range of tray washers are made in a modular desing meaing that different load carriers can be cleaned. As well as trays and crates the following load carriers can also be cleaned pallets, boxes, tanks vats with various capacities and lengths. Just call for more information.

Elpress manufacture a wide variety of model of crate washer with the following being more popular EKW1500, EKW3500, EKW5000 but their whole range can be found via their website


  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 3390x1231x1600mm
  • Max Capacity 400 per hour
  • Max Tray Width 600mm
  • Tray Height 70-300mm (400mm option)
  • Water Tank Capacity 300 litre
  • Pump Size 5.5kW
  • Electrical heating 20kW

Options available at additional cost:

  • Dosage pump for rinse aid
  • Increase heating element to 30kW
  • One man operation
  • Input and output tables

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