Fazzini Micra K2 Knife Sharpening Machine

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Micra K2: Your Cost-Effective Solution for Precise Knife Sharpening

The Micra K2 is a versatile and economical choice for smaller establishments aiming to take charge of their knife sharpening regimen, eliminating the need for external contractors.

Precision Redefined:

  • Fazzini's Commitment: Fazzini's range of knife sharpening machines, including the Micra K2, exemplifies their commitment to simplicity, safety, and effectiveness. These machines offer superior accuracy compared to traditional methods.

  • Right Position System: While optional, Fazzini's innovative Right Position System is available on most models, including the Micra K2. It ensures the blade maintains its optimal position throughout the sharpening process, enhancing accuracy and results.

Quality and Craftsmanship:

  • Durability in Design: Crafted from premium materials with minimal plastic components, Fazzini machines, including the Micra K2, prioritize durability and sustained performance.

  • Dry Operation with Vacuum Option: The Micra K2 operates dry, providing efficiency and convenience. The option to integrate a vacuum system maintains a clean workspace, enhancing your sharpening experience.

  • Advanced Sharpening Wheels: Featuring sharpening wheels made from C40 steel and coated with CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride), the Micra K2 guarantees precision. The keyless fixing system minimizes vibrations, ensuring a smooth and accurate sharpening process.

Technical Excellence:

  • Technical Specifications:
    • Wheel Dimensions for Knives: 50mm
    • Knife Edge Angle: 27 degrees
    • Dimensions: 220mm (w) x 160mm (d) x 125mm (h)
    • Weight: 5.6kg

The Micra K2 embodies precision and efficiency, providing a cost-effective solution for establishments seeking to optimize their knife sharpening practices. With Fazzini's reputation for excellence, you're equipped with a tool that transforms sharpening into an art of precision.

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