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A food grade, synthetic, tacky, water resistant, high temperature aerosol grease for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other clean industries.

Product Code: BL-60106
Size: 400ml


  • NSF H1 registered safe to use where incidental food contact may occur.
  • Excellent multi-purpose Handy aerosol spray
  • Fully Synthetic long life, extended lubrication intervals
  • Contains PTFE excellent anti-wear properties
  • Excellent EP properties resistant to shock loads, increased load carrying
  • Very High water resistance extends component life and lubrication intervals
  • High temperature resistance continuous temperature range -54°c to +170°c

Product Description

Food Grease Aerosol is a premium quality, non-toxic grease containing extreme pressure and anti-wear additives plus PTFE (commonly known as Teflon) to increase wear resistance and load carrying capacity.

Food Grease - Aerosol is designed as a multi-purpose grease with characteristics that make it particularly suited to applications where a spray applied product is required.


Plain and anti-friction bearings, bushes, slides, open gears and guides.

High and low temperature applications. Excellent for wet and wash down areas, all heavy duty grease applications within the food and clean industries where a spray type grease is desired.

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