Food-Tek Ultima Grease

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Food Grade Thermally Stable Ultra High Performance Grease

Product Code: BL-15600


  • Very wide temperature range -30˚C to +300˚C
  • Excellent rust inhibiting properties
  • Excellent wear resistance properties
  • Outstanding oxidation resistance
  • Extremely stable at high temperatures – Non Flammable
  • Has very low vapour pressure – resistant to radiation, gaseous and liquid oxygen
  • Chemically & Biologically inert (fluorinated solvents excepted)
  • Compatible with metals, plastics, seals and elastomers
  • Extends lubrication intervals significantly

Product Description

Food-Tek Ultima Grease is a homogenous white fully fluorinated grease. It exhibits the usual properties of fluorinated products including its ability to perform where conventional hydrocarbon or synthetic greases are unsatisfactory. It is suitable for lubricating mechanical parts requiring extreme pressure lubricating properties and applications where resistance to aggressive chemicals, gases and prolonged exposure to high temperatures is an issue.


  • Roller bearings, articulations subjected to consistent high temperatures
  • Aluminium can manufacturing bearings
  • Wafer & ice cream cone manufacturing bearings
  • Mechanical components operating under high load, high speed
  • Food, Nuclear, Chemical, Oxygen, Aerospace industry applications
  • Clean room applications
  • Lifetime sealed, maintenance-free bearings
  • Ventilation fan bearings

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