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Unlock Exceptional Efficiency with Foodlogistik Capacity 126 Dicer

Meet the pinnacle of industrial meat dicing—the Foodlogistik Capacity 126 Dicer. This powerful machine is delivered with a gantry for effortless loading into tote bins, simplifying your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

Precision Redefined:

  • Gantry Convenience: Designed with a gantry, the Capacity 126 allows seamless loading of product directly into tote bins, streamlining your process and optimizing efficiency.

  • 4-Dimensional Pre-Compression: Elevate your dicing experience with the innovative 4-dimensional pre-compression feature, ensuring meat is diced with the freshness and precision comparable to hand-diced products.

  • Robust Internal Drive System: The Capacity 126 is equipped with an over-engineered internal drive system, reinforced with hydraulics to handle the toughest workloads, delivering unmatched reliability.

Effortless Operation and Hygiene:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Despite its industrial prowess, the Capacity 126 is designed for ease of operation, ensuring straightforward and intuitive control.

  • Hygiene at Its Best: Embrace easy maintenance with the Capacity 126's user-friendly cleaning process, ensuring operational hygiene without hassle.

High Throughput, Unrivaled Results:

  • Optimal Throughput: Experience unparalleled throughput, reaching an impressive 2600 kg/h under optimum conditions.

  • Ample Chamber Dimensions: The product chamber extends to 550mm, accommodating various product lengths for versatile dicing.

  • Precise Cross Section: Achieve precision with the product chamber cross section measuring 126x126mm, ensuring consistent, accurate dicing results.

  • Customized Grid: The dicing grid size measures 120x120mm, enabling adaptable and precise cuts tailored to your requirements.

  • Versatile Cutting Length: Tailor your cuts to perfection with a cutting length range of 0-42mm, catering to diverse culinary demands.

  • Sturdy Powerhouse: With a robust 4.3kW motor, the Capacity 126 powers through dicing tasks with ease and efficiency.

  • Solid Construction: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this dicer excels in both durability and hygiene, meeting industry standards with excellence.

Elevate Your Culinary Experience:

Unleash the Foodlogistik Capacity 126 Dicer's unparalleled capabilities to transform your dicing operations. Whether it's fresh, tempered, or cooked meat, this dicer stands ready to deliver exceptional results. Say goodbye to compromises and elevate your culinary ventures with the ultimate in precision, efficiency, and quality.

For smaller dicing needs, explore our Classic 96 Meat Dicer—a testament to our commitment to catering to your diverse requirements.


  • Optimum Throughput: 2600 kg/h
  • Chamber Length: 550mm
  • Chamber Cross Section: 126x126mm
  • Dicing Grid Size: 120x120mm
  • Cutting Length Range: 0-42mm
  • Motor Power: 4.3kW
  • Weight: 430kg
  • Construction: Stainless Steel

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