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Cheese Type: Hard cheese
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Foodlogistik Classic 90 Soft Cheese Dicing Machine: Masterful Precision and Versatility

Experience culinary excellence with the Foodlogistik Classic 90 Soft Cheese Dicing Machine. Crafted from resilient stainless steel, this machine is a testament to German engineering, capable of dicing soft cheese with finesse using its wire grid set or tackling hard cheese with a specialized fixed blade grid set, all while achieving an impressive throughput of 1100 kg per hour at optimal settings.

Soft Cheese, Precise Dicing:

  • Wire Grid Set: Delve into the world of soft cheese dicing with the machine's 7.5x7.5 mm wire grid set. The wire size can be tailored to multiples of this dimension, such as 15x15 mm or 22.5x22.5 mm, allowing you to craft cheese to your desired specifications.

  • Fixed Blade Grid Set: For hard cheese, the specialized fixed blade grid set is your go-to. Choose from options like 5x5 mm or 10x10 mm, and explore other sizes to suit your unique needs.

  • Feeding Chamber Excellence: The cheese dicer features a feeding chamber with a cross section of 90x90 mm and a maximum length of 310 mm. It effortlessly cuts in lengths ranging from 0 to 45 mm, giving you the flexibility to create a variety of cheese products.

The Art of Hand-Diced Perfection:

  • Precision Cutting: Hand-diced results are attainable thanks to the dicing machine's precise cutting actions, honed over Foodlogistik's 40-plus years of expertise.

Tailored Solutions:

  • Meat Dicing: If your culinary ventures extend to meat dicing, explore the Foodlogistik Classic 96, Comfort 112, or the Capacity 126 models.

Product Details:

  • Throughput: Achieve a remarkable throughput of 1100 kg/h (18 kg/min) under optimum conditions, ensuring efficiency with every batch.

  • Chamber Excellence: The product chamber boasts a length of 310 mm and a cross section of 90x90 mm, accommodating your diverse dicing needs.

  • Grid Versatility: Embrace the flexibility of the 90x90 mm dicing grid size. The dicing grid types, whether wire for soft cheese or fixed blade for hard cheese, cater to your distinct culinary desires.

  • Precise Cutting Lengths: Explore cutting lengths ranging from 0 to 45 mm, empowering you to craft cheese products tailored to your culinary vision.

  • Reliable Power: The machine operates with a 2.6 kW 3-phase motor, ensuring both power and precision in every dice.

  • Sturdy Design: Constructed from stainless steel, the Classic 90 promises durability and longevity, embodying Foodlogistik's commitment to quality.

  • Manageable Weight: Weighing 260 kg, the machine balances robust performance with practical handling.

Elevate your cheese crafting with the Foodlogistik Classic 90 Soft Cheese Dicing Machine. From delicate soft cheese to robust hard cheese, this machine empowers you to create culinary delights with unparalleled precision and versatility. For further insights and videos, explore Foodlogistik's official website.

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