Formatic C4000/180 Burger & Meatball Machine

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Size: 4" (100mm)
Stand: with stand
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The Formatic C4000/180 is designed to significantly increase production capacity by forming a patty with every 180-degree turn of the forming drum. This innovation effectively doubles the output of the machine, making it even more efficient for high-volume food production.

The Formatic C4000/180 offers the following key features:

  • Enhanced Output: By forming a patty every 180-degree rotation, the machine can achieve a remarkable throughput of up to 8000 forms per hour. This level of output is especially valuable for businesses with demanding production requirements.

  • Powerful Performance: The machine is equipped with a 1.1kW motor, providing the necessary power to handle the increased production rate while maintaining consistent and precise forming.

  • Spacious Hopper: With a hopper capacity of 35 litres, the Formatic C4000/180 can hold a significant amount of product, reducing the need for frequent refilling and contributing to uninterrupted production flow.

  • Sturdy Construction: The machine's external dimensions of 780mm x 795mm x 710mm and a weight of 110kg reflect its robust build, ensuring durability and stability during operation.

The Formatic C4000/180 is an excellent solution for businesses looking to enhance their food production capabilities while maintaining quality and consistency. Its innovative design and impressive throughput make it suitable for various food products, making it a valuable asset for a range of food processing operations. If you have any specific inquiries about the machine's functionality or applications, please don't hesitate to ask.

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