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Elevate Your Production with the Formatic R2200 Burger and Meatball Machine

The Formatic R2200 burger and meatball machine is your ultimate solution for forming and portioning a wide variety of products. From meat and fish to potato, vegetable, ethnic cuisines, bakery treats, and more, this machine effortlessly transforms your ingredients into diverse shapes and sizes. A trusted choice for small to high-volume food producers, the Formatic machine sets the industry standard.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Performance: The R2200 machine excels at forming meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables, ethnic dishes, and more. Its adaptability ensures consistent results across a spectrum of products.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: With a capable 15kg hopper and a 35mm meatball drum included, the R2200 is primed for efficient production. Different-sized meatballs can be achieved by using alternative-sized drums.

  • Impressive Output: With a potential capacity of 4400 meatballs per hour, the R2200 boasts variable speed control, allowing you to tailor its pace to your needs.

  • Precise Forming: The machine employs synchronized paddles to gently press mixtures into the required shape, ensuring precise and consistent results.

  • Customizable Thickness: The R2200 accommodates a thickness range of 5-34mm for meatballs, providing flexibility in crafting the desired product.

Further Options:

  • Diverse Shapes: The Formatic burger machine supports various drum shapes, from basic circles to intricate designs like gingerbread men or Christmas trees.

  • Additional Accessories: Extend the machine's capabilities with options such as an extended hopper, auto wire cleaner, and extended conveyor belts.

  • Efficient Finishing: The meatball rounder is an excellent add-on for achieving perfectly rounded meatballs with minimal manual effort.

  • Next-Level Production: Consider upgrading to REX vacuum fillers and meatball attachments to take your meatball production to new heights.

  • Alternative Solution: If you already have a sausage filler, explore the Sheerline Burger Unit, which attaches directly and can produce up to 188 burgers per hour.

Technical Specifications:

  • External Dimensions: 775mm x 600mm x 625mm

  • Throughput: 4400/hr (variable)

  • Meatball Size: 35mm diameter with 34mm depth

  • Power: 0.55kW (1 phase)

  • Hopper: 15kg (options to increase size)

  • Weight: 75kg

Elevate your production process with the Formatic R2200 burger and meatball machine. Its precision, versatility, and user-friendly design make it an invaluable asset for your culinary endeavours.

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