Formatic R2200/180 Burger & Meatball Machine

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Drum Size: 4" (100mm)
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The Formatic R2200/180 Burger Machine: Increased Capacity for Efficient Production

The Formatic R2200/180 burger machine is a variant of the standard R2200 model, designed to enhance production capacity by forming a patty every 180-degree turn of the forming drum, effectively doubling the output. This configuration enables the machine to deliver an impressive 4400 forms per hour, optimizing efficiency for high-volume operations.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Output: Unlike the standard model that forms a patty every 360-degree turn, the R2200/180 forms a patty every 180-degree turn, doubling the capacity to 4400 forms per hour.

  • Extended Conveyor Belt: This version of the burger machine comes equipped with an extended conveyor belt, measuring 750mm in length, providing ample space for efficiently collecting and transferring formed patties.

  • Automatic Paper Attachment and Wire Cleaner: The R2200/180 includes automatic paper attachment and wire cleaner features, streamlining the process and contributing to a smoother workflow.

  • Foot Pedal Control: The foot pedal control allows for convenient hands-free operation, offering operators increased control and ease of use.

  • 45-Litre Goose Neck Hopper: The machine is outfitted with a 45-litre goose neck hopper, accommodating a substantial amount of product for continuous operation.

Customizable Options:

Certain components of the machine, such as the hopper size or the length of the conveyor belt, can be tailored to meet specific requirements. For further information on available options and pricing, feel free to contact our sales team.

The Formatic R2200/180 burger machine strikes a balance between enhanced production capacity and operational efficiency, making it an ideal choice for businesses with high-volume production needs.

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