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Frucosol's Compact Juicer: Effortless Freshness, Space-Saving Brilliance

Introducing the epitome of compact juicing within the Frucosol collection - a marvel that embodies efficiency, innovation, and space-saving brilliance. This juicer is a testament to ingenious design, featuring an advanced squeezing system that masterfully controls pressure, ensuring no hint of bitter peel enters your cherished juice. With a simple operation, you can effortlessly transform oranges into delightful elixirs - just load the fruits, press the button, and savor the outcome. The compact size and streamlined design not only make usage seamless but also cleaning a breeze.

Savoring Simplicity and Excellence:

  • Advanced Squeezing System: At the heart of this compact juicer lies a precision-engineered squeezing system that meticulously regulates pressure, guaranteeing that your final juice remains free from any bitter peel remnants.

A Glimpse of Genius:

  • Effortless Operation: With a user-friendly design, enjoying freshly squeezed juice becomes a straightforward task - add oranges and press the power button to initiate the juicing process.

  • Compact Charm: The ingeniously compact size and design make this juicer a perfect companion for businesses with limited space or smaller orange juice demands.

Seamless Performance:

  • Optimal Fruit Capacity: The feeder capacity, accommodating up to 3 fruits, ensures a seamless and continuous juicing experience, saving you time and effort.

  • Ideal Fruit Diameter: Capable of handling fruits with a maximum diameter of 70mm, this compact juicer caters to a variety of oranges, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Efficiency in Action:

  • Powerful Performance: Operating at 125 watts, this compact juicer strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency, delivering consistent and satisfying juicing results.

  • Steady Voltage: Operating at 230V/50Hz, this juicer guarantees reliability and stability, ensuring a dependable performance every time.

Safety and Assurance:

  • Automatic Cut-Out Sensors: Prioritizing your safety, the juicer is equipped with automatic cut-out sensors, ensuring worry-free and secure juicing operations.

Designed for Convenience:

  • Simplified Cleaning: The compact size and thoughtfully streamlined design make cleaning this juicer a hassle-free task, ensuring that your juicing experience is uncomplicated from start to finish.


  • Fruits per Minute: 12
  • Feeder Capacity: 3 Fruits
  • Fruit Diameter: Up to 70mm
  • Wattage: 125
  • Voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • Safety: Automatic Cut-Out Sensors
  • Net Weight: 27kg
  • Dimensions: 29cm (L) x 36cm (D) x 72.5cm (H)

Embrace the elegance of compactness with Frucosol's masterpiece, a juicer that marries simplicity, efficiency, and excellence. Whether you have limited space or a smaller demand for orange juice, this compact wonder promises to deliver a satisfying juicing experience with every press.

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