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Experience Power and Efficiency: F50 AC Juicer

Welcome to the elite F50 range, where the F50 AC stands as a paragon of strength and rapidity in the world of juicers. Recognized as one of the most robust and swiftest juicers available, the F50 AC is a game-changer. Equipped with a convenient digital counter, it empowers users to precisely select the desired number of oranges for squeezing, all while ensuring effortless disassembly for thorough cleaning.

Unleash Performance:

  • Impressive Throughput: Experience unparalleled efficiency as the F50 AC generates an astounding 20 to 25 fruits per minute, guaranteeing a steady flow of freshly squeezed juice.

  • Ample Basket Capacity: With a substantial 12kg basket capacity, this juicer keeps the juice flowing, minimizing interruptions for maximum productivity.

  • Fruit Diameter Flexibility: Embrace versatility with an 80mm maximum fruit diameter allowance, accommodating a variety of oranges to suit your preferences.

Reliable Power and Safety:

  • Robust Wattage: With 460 watts of power, the F50 AC exemplifies its dominance in performance, efficiently transforming oranges into delectable juice.

  • Steady Voltage: Operating at 230V/50Hz, this juicer ensures consistent and reliable performance to meet your juicing needs.

  • Automatic Cut-Out Sensors: Prioritizing safety, the F50 AC features automatic cut-out sensors, enhancing operational security.

Design and Convenience:

  • Streamlined Construction: Weighing 56kg, the F50 AC is designed with stability in mind, ensuring dependable operation while you create your favorite beverages.

  • Space-Efficient Dimensions: Measuring 47cm in length, 62cm in depth, and 78.5cm in height, this compact juicer seamlessly fits into your workspace.

User-Friendly Digital Counter:

  • Precise Juice Production: The digital counter empowers you to select the exact number of oranges to be squeezed, ensuring efficient use of produce and minimal wastage.

  • Intuitive Operation: This user-friendly feature elevates your juicing experience, allowing you to cater to varying quantities effortlessly.

Effortless Maintenance:

  • Easy Disassembly: Experience hassle-free cleaning as the F50 AC is thoughtfully designed for easy disassembly, ensuring thorough maintenance without undue effort.

Incorporating power, efficiency, and user-centric features, the F50 AC is a remarkable addition to the F50 range. Transform your juicing routine into an exceptional journey of flavor and convenience.


  • Fruits per Minute: 20-25
  • Basket Capacity: 12kg
  • Fruit Diameter: Up to 80mm
  • Wattage: 460
  • Voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • Safety: Automatic Cut-Out Sensors
  • Net Weight: 56kg
  • Dimensions: 47cm (L) x 62cm (D) x 78.5cm (H)

Elevate your juice creation process with the remarkable F50 AC juicer—a harmonious blend of power, precision, and practicality.

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