Gesame MBM-MHL Meatball Rounder

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Efficient Meatball Rounding with the MBM-MHL Machine

The MBM-MHL meatball rounding machine is ingeniously crafted to seamlessly integrate with the Gesame forming machine series, culminating in the production of flawlessly rounded meatballs.

The machine will also work with machines other than Gesame.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Production: By linking with the Gesame forming machines, the MBM-MHL machine streamlines the meatball rounding process, yielding perfectly shaped results.

  • Drum Options: The MBM-MHL is available with either a single lane or double lane drum, offering flexibility based on your production needs.

Machine Compatibility:

  • For meatballs with a thickness up to 28mm, the MBM-MHL is compatible with the MH100A (equipped with a conveyor belt and meatball plate) and MH114 forming machines.

  • To craft meatballs with a thickness ranging from 28mm to 55mm, the MBM-MHL pairs well with the MH-100AT (equipped with a conveyor belt and meatball plate) forming machine.

Experience heightened efficiency and precision in meatball production by employing the MBM-MHL meatball rounding machine, designed to seamlessly collaborate with Gesame forming machines. The result? Impeccably rounded meatballs that meet the highest standards of quality and appearance.

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