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Gesame MH100A Food Former: Handcrafted Appearance with High Efficiency

The Gesame MH100A food former is a standout in the market, delivering products that boast the visual appeal of being meticulously handcrafted. With a remarkable capacity of producing up to 47 burgers and 100 meatballs per minute, this machine offers variable speed control to cater to the operator's preferences.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Appearance: One of the unique qualities of the Gesame food former range is its ability to create products that possess the handmade look, enhancing their appeal to customers.

  • High Output: With its impressive production rate, the MH100A is capable of delivering a substantial number of burgers and meatballs per minute.

  • Versatile Speed Control: The variable speed control feature provides flexibility, allowing operators to adjust the pace of production according to their needs.

  • Easy Maintenance: The machine's straightforward design enables swift disassembly and convenient cleaning.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 740mm x 610mm x 740mm

  • Tank Capacity: 24 litres

  • Power: Single Phase

Optional Extras:

  • The MH100A can be upgraded with additional accessories (sold separately) to enhance its capabilities:

    • Different forming plates are available for producing burgers (up to 130mm wide), meatballs (up to 28mm in thickness), cannelloni, and croquettes.

    • Conveyor Belt: For automated movement of formed products.

    • Automatic Paper Feeder: Facilitates the placement of paper beneath formed products.

    • Meatball Rounder: Provides a finishing touch to meatballs.

  • To purchase extra forming plates, please visit our online store.

Product Range:

  • For burgers or meatballs with greater thickness (between 28-55mm), consider exploring the MH100AT variant.

The Gesame MH100A food former combines the charm of handcrafted products with high-speed efficiency, making it a valuable addition to your food production line. Its adaptable features and optional accessories offer versatility and convenience, catering to the diverse needs of food producers.

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