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Hoja cooking lines allow high capacity industrial production 50-1500kg/h of any products you can make in your frying pan at home. Examples of products the machines can produce include seared steaks, burgers, meatballs, chicken breasts, pancakes, blinis, crepes, potato cakes etc. but much, much more.

There are many configurations available depending on your individual circumstances therefore if you are interested in any of these products please contact us directly and we will collate the information needed to provide you with a list of options.

All machines are built to order and configured exactly to the needs of the end user using CAD technology so you can see what you’re buying and how it will fit into your production space and Hoja are so confident in their product their warranty includes wearable parts for the first 12 months.

The company is committed to constant innovation and outstanding customer support which has enabled them to grow a worldwide customer base.

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